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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 35 No. 3, pp. 697-718

Auto Sec SDN-XTR: A Hybrid End to End Security Mechanism with Efficient Trace Representation on Open Stack Cloud

1,3Centre for Research Anna University
Chennai, 600025 India
E-mail: vatchalacse@gmail.com
1,+; sathishroever05@gmail.com3
2M.A.M. College of Engineering
Trichy, 621105 India
E-mail: principalmamce@mamce.org 

Even though open stack boosts business agility, availability, and efficiency by providing a platform with on-demand, resource pooling, self-service, highly elastic, and measured services capabilities, it needs improvisation in the following blocks of open stack such as Neutron which provides the networking capability for Open Stack and Cinder Block acts as a storage component; due to centralized administration in the open stack cloud environment. The problem with these components is that more susceptible to external attacks, unpredictable responses depending on the network load and lack of maintaining the integrity since cinder block shares simultaneous access to the same data. In order to meet the above requirements this work has proposed an AutoSec SDN-XTR (Automated end to end Security in Software Defined Networks – Efficient and Compact Subgroup Trace Representation). In order to rectify the security challenges additionally an efficient security algorithm XTR is proposed for providing the encryption of the file content that also involves a trace operation to incorporate integrity checking. This provides efficient security by involving the Diffie-Hellman for key agreement (both the public key and private key) and ElGamal approach for encryption. Then after the networking process storage of the files content occur in the cinder block store environment. In the cinder store erasure codes algorithm is utilized for data recovery where less storage will be achieved since replicas are not utilized and duplication of file content will not be done instead only parity data will be created as in the concept of RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disk). Now the unique data which are recovered in cinder block are already been secured by XTR encryption and should be effectively distributed.  

Keywords: key agreement, encryption, file transmission, file recovery, auto sec SDN

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