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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 34 No. 1, pp. 135-154

Design and Implementation of a Multiple-Choice E-voting Scheme on Mobile System using Novel t-out-of-n Oblivious Signature

Department of Electrical Engineering
Chang Gung University
Tao-Yuan, 333 Taiwan
E-mail: {ansel; M9921020}@mail.cgu.edu.tw

     Blind signature schemes allow a user to decide any message without disclosing any information about the message to the signer; while oblivious signature schemes allow a signee to selected one of several predetermined messages without revealing any information about the selected message, making such schemes well suited for electronic voting applications. However, the oblivious signature scheme only allows users to select one of the n candidates. In this paper, we first propose a t-out-of-n oblivious signature scheme based on the oblivious transfer method to satisfy the security requirements of not only completeness, unforgeability, privacy, but also selection restriction and non-redup- lication; making such scheme well suited for multiple-choice e-voting applications. Moreover, we propose multiple-choice e-voting scheme based on the proposed t-out-of-n oblivious signature scheme, and implement the scheme in mobile phones to allow users voting securely and conveniently. Security analysis and comparisons of computation and communication efficiency are also provided to validate the proposed schemes. 

Keywords: electronic voting, mobility, blind signature, oblivious signature, security

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