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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 34 No. 6, pp. 1367-1382

Dynamic Algorithm Switching in Parallel Simulations using AOP

Department of Computer Engineering
Youngsan University
Yangsan, Gyeongnam, 50510 Korea
E-mail: pilsungk@ysu.ac.kr

We present a modular approach to implementing dynamic algorithm switching for parallel scientific simulations. Our approach leverages modern software engineering techniques to implement fine-grained control of algorithmic behavior in scientific simulations as well as to improve modularity in realizing the algorithm switching functionality onto existing application source code. Through fine-grained control of functional behavior in an application, our approach enables design and implementation of applicationspecific dynamic algorithm switching scenarios. To ensure modularity, our approach considers dynamic algorithm switching as a separate concern with regard to a given application and encourages separate development and transparent integration of the switching functionality without directly modifying the original application code. By applying and evaluating our approach with a real-world scientific application to switch its simulation algorithms dynamically, we demonstrate the applicability and effectiveness of our approach to constructing efficient parallel simulations.

Keywords: algorithm switching, aspect-oriented programming, parallel programming, program adaptation, scientific computing

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