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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 35 No. 5, pp. 997-1009

Optimized Handover Mechanism in Heterogeneous Vehicular Communication Systems

1NTS'Com Research Unit, ENET'COM
2MIRACL Laboratory
University of Sfax
Sfax, 3029 Tunisia
E-mail: {gharsallahamina; faouzifbz; mahmoud.neji}@gmail.com

In current years, vehicular communication systems are evolving for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) by providing its wireless network services with increasing demand for high data rate. Vehicular communications supports for various applications that include safety, traffic efficiency and infotainment. However, the high mobility of vehicles and frequent topology changes in such communication systems pose challenges for the mobility management, including frequent, unnecessary and ping-pong handovers, with additional problems related to increased delay and packets loss rate, and failure of the handover process. In this article, we propose a solution to optimize the handover in vehicular networks. Our solution resides in creating a novel multi-criteria network selection mechanism. The objectives of the proposed solution are: to decrease handover failure, handover delay, and packet loss rates, also to distribute traffic load uniformly among available networks to improve the average system resource utilization. The proposed mechanism is based on Fuzzy Logic scheme to support the decision making process. Simulation results demonstrate that, compared to existing works, the proposed approach significantly reduces the handover failure, handover delay and packet loss rates. In addition, the proposed solution achieved an improvement in network resources utilization.

Keywords: V2X communications, 5G, LTE-advanced pro, fuzzy logic, handover

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