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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 35 No. 5, pp. 1075-1097

A Cost-Efficient Virtual Sensor Management Scheme for Manufacturing Network in Smart Factory

1School of Computer Science and Technology
2Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Network Data Analysis and Intelligent Processing
Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications
Xi'an, 710121 P.R. China
E-mail: {cgao; zztian; chenyp; zmwang}@xupt.edu.cn

The information comes from physical shop floor and manufacturing process is closely monitored and coordinated under the framework of cyber-physical system in Industry 4.0. Wireless sensor networks are deployed to collect the massive amounts of data generated in a smart factory. Researchers employ sensor cloud to facilitate the management of a large scale deployment of wireless sensor nodes. Facing with lots of concurrent sensing demands of users administrators of a manufacturing network need to deal with the mapping of physical sensors and virtual sensors. We propose a cost-efficient virtual sensor management scheme which is able to accord an overall virtual sensor instantiation result for the whole manufacturing network. Both the architecture of the manufacturing network and the application scenario are modeled by entities, actions, and messages. The key component of the proposed model is called k resource scheduler. Different resource scheduling algorithms could be applied to the k resource scheduler, and thus make our model flexible. Three resource scheduling algorithms are devised to tackle the problem of virtual sensor management. The effectiveness of the proposed model is verified by simulation experiments and a comprehensive analysis of the experimental results is provided.

Keywords: manufacturing network, cyber-physical system, Industry 4.0, wireless sensor networks, virtual sensor, k-median

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