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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 37 No. 2, pp. 381-393

Neutrosophic Soft Set and Clinical Application

1Department of Mathematics
Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology
Kerala, 682039 India

2Department of Mathematics
Bharata Mata College
Kerala, 682021 India
E-mail: 1984binur@gmail.com

Neutrosophic soft set is one of the generalizations of classical set theory with parameters. We have introduced weighted similarity measure using the normalized orthogonal distance between two single valued neutrosophic soft sets and their characteristics. Further, a decision-making framework is proposed through an algorithm for multi attribute decision making neutrosophic soft scenario. We also apply the proposed weighted similarity measure to the clinical application; identify the best type of radiotherapy treatment for tumor of moving organs such as lungs or chest walls by evaluating certain medical parameters and computation of mathematical ranking model, which are then compared with other existing similarity measures to illustrate the feasibility of the same.

Keywords: neutrosophic set, soft set, neutrosophic soft set, normalized orthogonal distance, similarity measure, weighted similarity measure, ideal attribute, decision making

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