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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 37 No. 4, pp. 901-915

A Priority-based Predictive Resource Scheduling Algorithm for MTC in LTE Networks

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
National Sun Yat-sen University
Kaohsiung, 804 Taiwan
1cnlee@mail.cse.nsysu.edu.tw; 2sb82115@gmail.com; 3mflee@mail.nsysu.edu.tw

Current communication networks are mainly designed for Human-to-Human (H2H) communication requirements. However, future Internet of Things (IOT) and fifth-generation mobile communications system (5G) will connect a lot of mechanical equipment. Therefore, this paper proposes a priority-based predictive resource scheduling algorithm that integrates the predictive method and priority scheduling for the uplink of Massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC). The predictive method is used to reduce the delay of a device sent scheduling request to the eNodeB to obtain the approved resources for data transmission. This is combined with a priority ranking sequence to develop the optimal resource allocation strategy to reduce the total delay time, and improve the transmission success rate and resource utilization. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm can effectively reduce delay and increase the transmission success rate, compared with the existing methods.

Keywords: MTC, machine type communication, uplink scheduling, resource allocation, scheduling request, priority

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