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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 37 No. 6, pp. 1289-1302

The Smart System in Regional Order Rivalry: the Pursuit to Securitize the Rival's Ideology

Department of Political Science and International Relations
Cyprus International University
Nicosia, 99010 N. Cyprus
E-mail: amerabab9119@gmail.com; amir.mohammadbabekr@gmail.com; mkhaddar@hotmail.com

Amidst the dynamic changes following the Arab Uprisings, this paper investigates Saudi Arabia’s and Iran’s speech acts towards the Bahrain, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen crisis as revelatory cases in the securitization of the ‘Wahhabism and Khomeinism’ ideologies to domestic audiences in their countries and their non-state affiliated actors’ in the region in the post-2011 order. Although most securitization approaches attempt to do so within the territory of one state or more, the novelty claimed by this article within this process is the involvement of trans-border non-state actors as referent objects. The emphasis is given to facilitating conditions as necessary preconditions to the process of securitization. This will be conducted by building on the Copenhagen School’s literature. The fragility of Middle Eastern states, the retreat of traditional sovereignty, instead of the circulation of ideas as the result of trans-state societal interconnectedness with a religiously inspired politics and its regional overflow, indicate the supremacy of ‘inter-mestics’ nature of regional politics and, ultimately, the struggle to set up their desired regional order.

Keywords: smart system, securitization of ideology, regional order and sectarianism, Arab uprisings

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