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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 37 No. 6, pp. 1327-1333

The Intelligent System of Role of Cultural Heritage in Promoting Intellectual Trends of Contemporary Interior Design

Department of Applied Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts
An-Najah National University
Nablus, 00011 Palestine
E-mail: hani.f@najah.edu

Nowadays, there has been significant interest on Vocabularies of cultural heritage is the first pillar in determining the different intellectual trends of schools of interior design as they are derived from human needs associated with customs traditions religion culture and popular arts that distinguish one group from another. Therefore, the problem of the research is to determine the role of elements and determinants of cultural heritage in shaping the intellectual trends of interior design especially contemporary ones. The research aim is to highlight the role and importance of vocabularies of cultural heritage by influencing the formation and formulation of different conceptual schools of intellects. The research will also clarify determinants and mechanisms of enhancing elements of cultural heritage in the generation of contemporary intellectual trends in interior design. The most important results of the research are that one of the most important determinants of cultural heritage influence in shaping trends of interior design folklore elements and tangible folklore. The research also reviews the most prominent intellectual design schools, study their design direction and intellectual philosophy, and clarify determinants and mechanisms for enhancing materialism of cultural heritage in generating contemporary intellectual trends in interior design cannot be proven, as they are influenced by the cultural heritage, which is linked to a set of determinants that are characterized by instability and difference from one society to another (religious dimension, technological dimension, social dimension, political dimension, economic dimension, philosophical dimension).

Keywords: intelligent system, cultural heritage, design styles, interior design, design theories, research methodology

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