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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 37 No. 6, pp. 1335-1340

Design and Performance Analysis of Wireless IPv6 for Data Exchange

1Al-Nahrain Nanorenewable Energy Research Center
Al-Nahrain University
Baghdad, 10072 Iraq
E-mail: usama.ibrahem@coienahrain.edu.iq; usama81818@gmail.com

2Department of Computer Engineering
University of Technology, Iraq
Baghdad, 10066 Iraq
E-mail: gh961@yahoo.com; 30834@uotechnology.edu.iq

The mobility of wireless nodes is one of the key issues of network communication significance and always has been. Researchers are empowered by the rapidly increasing in need of node mobility inside the network without having to lose any link or the data transfer. This report concentrated on the technological factors of WPIPv6. The primary objective of the Wireless Proxy Internet Protocol 6 (WPIPv6) is to minimize the problem of core system and enhance the node mobility on wireless devices. It is a based communication mobility protocol. We initiate by implementing negotiation concepts for key exchange protocols, attempting to change the defined systems to takes into consideration the safety of the cypher suite and negotiating versions in the TLS protocol.

Keywords: IPv6, authentication, wireless node, key exchange, protocol

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