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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 37 No. 6, pp. 1341-1361

The Effect of Using Cinemagraph Pictures in Social Platforms and Mobile Applications in the Development of Peace Concepts

1Department Educational Technology
2Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Hail University
Hail, 55211 KSA
E-mail: usib9191@gmail.com; usama_mas@yahoo.com; dr.alamr@uoh.edu.sa

The study aims at exploring the effect of using Cinemagraphs in social platforms (Twitter) and mobile applications (WhatsApp) in the development of peace concepts among samples of volunteer youth clubs (VYC) at the University of Hail (UOH) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The number of sample students is 182 (males and females), they are divided into 6 experimental groups representing 3 paths: Humanities, Engineering, and Healthcare. Each path is divided into 2 groups: one for males and another for females. The study was applied during the first term of the academic year 20192020. In general, the results reveal that there is a correlation between gender (MF) and academic specialization paths (Humanities, Engineering, and Healthcare) in developing Peace Concepts (PCs) when using Social Mobile Applications (SMA) or Social Media Platforms (SMP). Likewise, a great effect is attributed to the academic specialization paths using Cinemagraph Technology (CGT) in developing PCs for VYC at UOH. However, there is no direct link between gender (MF) and using CGT in the development of PCs among VYC at UOH.

Keywords: mobile, applications (SMA), academic specializations on developing PCs, specialization, achieving program objectives

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