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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 38 No. 4, pp. 877-892

Towards the Rear Attuned Defense Scheme Embark Upon Selfish Mining

1,2Department of Computer Science and Engineering
SECAB Institute of Engineering and Technology
Karnataka, 586101 India
E-mail: summias@gmail.com
1; cnshariff1@gmail.com2

Bitcoin is the first fully decentralized cryptocurrency. The security features of Bitcoin rely on blockchain technology, which comprises each current as well as the past transac-tions in the system. In a blockchain when more than one block extends from the same preceding block, the situation is termed as fork or Block race. A selfish miner abuses Bit coin’s forks method to gain several unfair rewards. To tackle the issues caused by selfish mining, this work proposes a novel scheme called “Towards the Rear Attuned Defense Scheme”. Accordingly, to identify the presence of selfish miners, the Newfangled selfish mining revelation algorithm with a Fork Tenacity Strategy is used here. A weighted fork with a secured fail parameter is established here to compete with the block race caused by the selfish miner. Finally, to ensure reliability, a Slice-up Tender mint consensus protocol is used. Thus, our proposed scheme ensures a better defense against the selfish mining attacks and achieves better time convergence with less electricity fee.

Keywords: cryptocurrency, block race, fork, selfish mining, fork tenacity strategy, weight-ed fork, secured fail parameter, slice-up tender mint consensus protocol

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