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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 37 No. 2, pp. 413-423

Energy Efficient Sustainable City Monitoring Using IoT Enabled Wireless Sensor Networks and Data Analytics

1Department of Computer Science
Mangalam College of Engineering
Kottayam, 686631 India

2Department of Information Technology
3Department of Computer Science
Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology
Kochi, 682030 India
E-mail: vinodhpvijayan@yaoo.com; bijuathappadath@gmail.com; varghesee.kutty@gmail.com

As the population in the city is increasing rapidly over the years, due to the scarcity resources and unhealthy ecosystem the demand for sustainable city increases. Sustainable city enables all its citizens to meet their own needs with minimal natural resources and to live a good quality of life, without degrading the existing natural resources or the lives of other people now or in the future. Once after building sustainable city with green building, energy efficient and eco-friendly ecosystem it is important to monitor the same to keep the city sustainable. An Energy efficient Wireless sensor network with internet connectivity improves the regular monitoring, the frequent data received from various monitoring sensors are considered as informative database for future prediction, these huge information can be used for alerting critical situations through data analytics. The integration of various technology yield performance degradation due the energy usage and computational overhead, which can be improved through application of an optimization technique like genetic algorithm. 

Keywords: IoT, WSN, energy efficient, green city, data analytics, genetic algorithm, PSO, hybrid optimization

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