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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 37 No. 6, pp. 1249-1258

Blockchain Implementation to Manage Banking Mobile Payments

Department of Management Information System
School of Applied Science
Cyprus International University
Nicosia, TRNC, 99258 Cyprus
E-mail: murad.s.obaid@gmail.com
+; maqel@ciu.edu.tr

Mobile payment Blockchain technology can potentially disrupt the banking and financial industry if they can’t reap the benefits of future technology. Today, most of the banks want to turn into blockchain technology for fraud reduction, secure, faster transaction, lower cost, improved data quality, KYC, smart contracts, Payments, and trading platform. In this paper, we proposed a new conceptual framework for using mobile payment blockchain which can eliminate the banks and financial authorities concerns and adopt the customers (both merchants and retails) needs for faster, safe, cheaper, real-time and secure payments that also eliminate the need of the intermediary parties to approve and reconciliation the transaction. The framework reduces the operational risk as all the transactions are transparent and unalterable.

Keywords: blockchain, mobile payment, private blockchain, distributed ledger, payment security

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