We accept MS Word files and Latex files for the final publication. Therefore you should prepare your manuscript in JISE Word (or Latex) standard and convert into a PDF for auto-submission system.

Length of Manuscripts
The length of manuscripts should be in 25 pages. If it has been accepted as a short paper by the editor the length should be in 15 pages along with authors short biography without their photos.

Copyright Form
The completed form should be uploaded when your submission has been accepted. The page-charge agreement will be shown when you upload your final version. If the accepted paper exceeds 12 pages, you will be charged US$100 for each extra page.

MS Word Template
LaTex Template
A PDF file of the manuscript should be submitted to the JISE auto-submission system above. The manuscript — including tables, legends, citations, and footnotes — should be in the JISE standard format as the file attached above. Manuscripts should begin with the title of the article, followed by the authors names, affiliations, and addresses.